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Ungh! - Cement 1988 1/C (Bootleg By Me) Shirt Size XL

this copy is worn and washed by me a few times.  

I made this out of my pure love and nostalgia for this band ( and I use this term loosely) because I dont even know if they ever played live and it was just one of those things they got made and never thought of again, but it always rulled to me.

Those of you that know this band and these few songs are the ones that dont need any explaining to. the rest of you might as well click on to another page because its likely you won't care, unless you skateboarded, played Tony hawk video game, or bought Skaterock Cassette's in the 90's

One of the upsides to printing your own shirts is you get to make the smallest run you want.  I often would make myself and in a few instances one or two others for special people. this run consisted of exactly 3 XL shirts. I am cleaning out the closet of stuff I barely wear and are extremely unique and handmade by myself for myself.  to answer any future questions..NO there are no others in other sizes , and no there will not be any more made.

All my shirts are old / vintage (unless otherwise stated) and come with wear and tear of shirts from its age.  any major defects / flaws / holes will be highlighted in the photos.  please examine these best you can before purchasing.  Tag size and shirt size don't always match up (most case for older shirts) so please check the measurements to ensure a proper fit.  


  • 24" Pit To Pit
  • 28" from front collar to hem


  • Otto


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Sale price$40.00 USD

Ungh! - Cement 1988 1/C (Bootleg By Me) Shirt Size XL
Ungh! - Cement 1988 1/C (Bootleg By Me) Shirt Size XL Sale price$40.00 USD