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Sun Ra – Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra (Bootleg by Me) Shirt

I recently spent a solid 6 months listening to Sun Ra, and hence got a bug up my butt to re-make this shirt I have always loved, not only for its content, but its a design I always really liked.  I came out of retirement, and make a few, despite the fact im not sure how any people outside of me and Rich Jacobs will care (sadly Rich, I apologize, I didn't have ny shirts your size to print on when I made these).  anyways.  here are a few I made.  all have been laundered on purpose to soften up the ink.  there are a few test prints and two all over prints that I have really come to love. a few are printed Oneita deadstock 90's blanks (these may have tiny flaws).  email with any questions.

the Otto shirts these are printed on are very nice thick (but not too thick, and soft) shirts, that I would liken closest to a Los Angeles Apparel shirt for those familiar.  

All my shirts are old / vintage (unless otherwise stated) and come with wear and tear of shirts from its age.  any major defects / flaws / holes will be highlighted in the photos.  please examine these best you can before purchasing.  Tag size and shirt size don't always match up (most case for older shirts) so please check the measurements to ensure a proper fit.  



  • 21" Pit To Pit
  • 26" from front collar to hem


  • 23" Pit To Pit
  • 27" from front collar to hem


  • 24.5" Pit To Pit
  • 28" from front collar to hem

XL (Oneida)

  • 23" Pit To Pit
  • 27.5" from front collar to hem


  • Otto


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