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Descendents / ALL - Vintage 90's Official Bonus Cup / Mug

I bought this from the mail-order catalog in ...shit what year did the Gulf War start? ??ill google it, one sec. August 2, 1990.  dang so that makes the other cup I have from the 80's!!  wow.  sorry, back to this cup.  I never drank out of it.  it comes with the car holder WITH the sticker still on the bottom unstuck.  for those of you who can't comprehend what I am saying, in the 90's we didn't have holders for beverages in cars, so we held them between our legs or wedged em between the seat and the emergency break.  often this failed and if you had a flimsy cup it was a one way ticket to wet crotch city.  it was never drinken out of and only held change in it its entire life, with the exception of the occasional pen.  

All my shirts are old / vintage (unless otherwise stated) and come with wear and tear of shirts from its age.  any major defects / flaws / holes will be highlighted in the photos.  please examine these best you can before purchasing.  Tag size and shirt size don't always match up (most case for older shirts) so please check the measurements to ensure a proper fit. 


  • 12oz


  • O.S.I.

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Sale price$110.00 USD

Shirt Measurements
All the vintage / Previously Worn Shirts are measured this way.  From Front Collar to Font Seam and from Pit to Pit.
Descendents / ALL - Vintage 90's Official Bonus Cup / Mug
Descendents / ALL - Vintage 90's Official Bonus Cup / Mug Sale price$110.00 USD