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Big Drill Car November 1st. 3PM PST

THIS IS IT!  November 1st.  3PM PST

I can finally talk about this.  its been hard to keep my trap shut about one of them bands that since first hearing has never really left my mind and I'm just really excited beyond words to be working with!  
After getting in contact with Mr. Bob Thompson (AKA R.M.T. this information will be useful later) not only is he the bass man in BDC but he is also the artist / art director  behind all of BDC merch/album art.  He unearthed ALMOST every single piece of art from the BDC archive and let me scan every single piece to reproduce and bring back to life.   This was an extremely hard task because I was so close to it.  I mean you can do anything which one do you do first?  maybe the shirt I wore when I made a cameo on Anthony Bourdain's show?  they wanted me to speak but I refused letting my BDC shirt do all my heavy lifting. 
besides I had a delicious breakfast burrito that was getting cold. I know the Mark Waters Shirt was a no brainer, but then what?  I wanted to honor Small Block because this year is the 35th Anniversary of that hidden gem but the most popular small block shirt is the dog on the drill car which believe it or not I screen printed for the 2016 one off show. I wanted to make something fresh and unseen, so with the help of some old drawings of Bob's I cranked out this shirt.  
not certain what I wanted on the back I came up with this idea of why not just print the liner notes? Liner notes to those of you born after the year 2000 were really the way to connect with a band back in the day.  find out who they are friends with, what bands they like and just a peek into the bands themselves. it was a real insight and a place where I found many of my favorite bands just by finding out who my favorite bands liked.  yada yada yada.  so coming November 1st on I will be putting up 3 Separate designs for sale, all with very limited print quantities 100+/- .  
There will be a few limited test pressings of other colors, and REALLY small number of long sleeved Versions and I believe a whopping 2 Hooded Sweatshirts. Not 2 designs, I mean I printed 2. 
I don't want to bore you with much more but stay tuned.  I'll release more photos this week leading up to the 1st.  you can google Dany Way's Part in thePlan B Questionable video
this is really an insight to my mind.  this is my happy place.  
im not a fan of talking about stuff.  I just want to do things and put it all out there so I apologize if I'm brief.  I have no pre-order section in the store so just come back on Nov 1st @3PM PST and everything will be live