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  • SNFU - If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish 1986 Tour Shirt Size XL

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    Ive seen these before, and even had one but never have I seen one with such vivid colors. I can only image this is what it looked like fresh off the press back in the day.  

    This SNFU collection came from a band that toured with SNFU early on, but would like to remain nameless. Their shirt, posters and flyer all come from his personal collection from his hand to mine.  most of the shirts never worn.  the flyer unscathed, the poster is the only thing that has real wear.  

    All my shirts are old / vintage (unless otherwise stated) and come with wear and tear of shirts from its age.  any major defects / flaws / holes will be highlighted in the photos.  please examine these best you can before purchasing.  Tag size and shirt size don't always match up (most case for older shirts) so please check the measurements to ensure a proper fit.  


    • 24" Pit To Pit
    • 25.5" from front collar to hem


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