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Article: Frequently Asked Questions / Answers You Seek

Frequently Asked Questions / Answers You Seek

Frequently Asked Questions / Answers You Seek

These might also just as well be tips to buying a shirt rather than FAQ's or a combination of both.  Read on if you have questions you want answers to.  Solid chance they will be below, if not, email me and I will add your question for those who follow in the future.



Shirts are measured from armpit to armpit.  Then from the top of the front collar to the bottom of the front hem. some places will measure from the back of the collar, but I found this difficult if I want to measure the shirt I am wearing and dont want to take it off and bum out everyone around me by being shirtless.  so this way I was able to measure the shirt while it sits on my body.  My best suggestion to you if you want to get serious, find that one shirt you love, fits you perfectly, the one you always reach for out of the clean laundry pile first.  This is know to Seinfeld Fans as "Goldenboy".  take that shirt, lay it flat and measure the pit to pit measurement, the front collar to hem, the back collar to hem measurement and stick it in your phone someplace and reference it every time you want to buy a shirt.  soon you will remember it like your telephone number or SSN.  it also wouldn't hurt to then convert those inches to CM, or if you are not in the USA reading this CM to Inches and have that info hand too.  So in case you take a trip abroad either in real life or on the internet you will always know what fits.


    • TAG SIZE:

    When I list shirts, I always go by the size on the tag.  This way you dont get my interpretation of what a Medium or Large is because let's face it, one person's medium is another's Large.  and no company has ever gotten on the same page about what a universal size chart is (just ask England they seem like they are still figuring it out.  Same with Japan, their idea of an XL would barely fit me (a large BTW).  Point being this is why you always read the measurements.  while they are not scientifically calibrated they are to the nearest 1/4" usually.

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