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Day: 597

Shirt: Tiger Trap - Sourgrass

Color: white

Brand: Jerzees

Source: I hold this band very near and dear to me.  Maybe it is because i am from sacramento and so are they. it also might be at a time when i was really into punk rock and also in the Cranberries, Ivy, and Mazzy Star this band surfaced.  which kinda fused the two worlds together and made sense to me.  i will say that back then i wasn’t a huge fan of girls singing punk rock music.  mostly because i just hadn’t been exposed to many.  I think Tilt was the only one i was really ok with at the time.  tiger trap came along and blew that out of the water for me.  they showed me a girl can front a punk band and not scream to get her point across.  

Tiger Trap’s music was not only melodic but also romantic in a punk way.  it was refreshing at a time when Riot Girl music was at an all time high hating on men and things in general, these songs seemed more positive and sweet.  neither of these albums are available to stream BUT the full length is on iTunes should you listen and feel inspired to purchase.  

Not sure where these girls are today but a big thank you goes out to them for making great music and pushing music into (then) foreign place.  wherever you ladies are today know that this guy is extremely grateful and thinks of your band at least once a month.