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Day: 1010
Shirt: Face to Face - Over It 1994 North American Tour with NOFX & Ten Foot Pole
Color:  Blue
Brand: Screen Stars

Source:  listen up whoever owns the rights to “Over It” get your shit together and get it listed on the streaming sites.  its a damn good record and doesn’t need to get lost in the shuffle. 

OVER IT by Minor Thread on Grooveshark

Day: 992Shirt: Rocket from the Crypt - Fork DesignColor:  BlackBrand: Oneita Power 50
Source:  this if for all my friends in LA who get to see RFTC tonight without me.  seeing as how i was dumb and double book a trip on the same day as this show that i bought tickets to 4 months ago.  oh well.  i will just assume it will be awesome and just hope its not more awesome than the last time i saw  them.  perhaps it wasn’t meant to be and its a sign to hold out for the Drive like Jehu tour:)

Day: 992
Shirt: Rocket from the Crypt - Fork Design
Color:  Black
Brand: Oneita Power 50

Source:  this if for all my friends in LA who get to see RFTC tonight without me.  seeing as how i was dumb and double book a trip on the same day as this show that i bought tickets to 4 months ago.  oh well.  i will just assume it will be awesome and just hope its not more awesome than the last time i saw  them.  perhaps it wasn’t meant to be and its a sign to hold out for the Drive like Jehu tour:)

Day: 939
Shirt: Siouxsie & the Banshees - Face
Color:  Black
Brand: Screen Stars Blue Tag
Source:  this shirt gets me stoked for two different reasons.  #1  I bout this shirt many years ago and it was a Large but as well all know that apparently in 1980 Large meant Medium.  so i gave it to my wifey emilyshur .  She wears it around the house all the time, i think mostly to rub it in my face that she gets to wear it and i don’t  Im fine with it tho cause she wears it well.  Although every time i see it on her it stings a lil bit, i’m not gunna lie. 

Reason #2 is that i get super stoked that Siouxsie is making a come back in a weird way.  there have been a ton of bands that were clearly influenced by her music and do not seem to be shy about it.  whether it be straight up covers of her music that sound super beautiful like this Weeknd sample (well its pretty much a cover) of Happy House.  or the School of Seven Bells doing Kiss Them For Me.  Then there are bands Like the Dum Dum girls and Savages which are just nailing that amazing vibe, sound and energy that Siouxsie once had.  Watch…someday someone will have Siouxsie play with one of these bands and it will be amazing.  

I am also trying to embrace this Groove Shark playlist system, let me know what you think.  

Siouxsie by Minor Thread on Grooveshark

Day: 901
Shirt: Bad Religion - No Control
Color:  Black
Brand: Murina
Source: I feel like a band writing a perfect record really solidifies them in history as a great band.  most bands never even come close, not by a long shot. nowadays people are stoked if their album has two great songs on it.  Bad Religion’s - No Control is really a perfect punk rock album (in my opinion).  15 songs that are all just as good as the next and still coming in under a whopping 27 mins long.  27 MINUTES!  seems short right?  but when you think of most popular punk rock records they are all that short.  short and sweet.  thats an average run time for a song equaling less than two minutes per average.   just fun facts really cause the record is amazing.  and while I’m sure being short doesn’t help it, it certainly didn’t hurt it either. 

While i am convinced i did nothing but listen to this record for an entire year, i sometimes like to go back and look at albums that came out that year and see what else it was i was listening to…  wanna see?

(Click Band Name to see shirts / Click Album title to hear record)

New OrderTechnique

2 Live Crew - As Nasty As they Wanna Be

Depeche Mode - 101

De La Soul - 3ft High And Rising

Operation Ivy - Energy

Green Day - 1000hrs

the CureDisintegration

The Offspring - The Offspring

The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better

Fugazi - 13 Songs

Beastie Boys - Paul’s Boutique

EPMD - Unfinished Business

Love And Rockets - Love And Rockets

NOFX - S&M Airlines

Young MC - Stone Cold Rhymin

ALL - Allroy’s Revenge

Ice-TThe Iceberg/Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say

and Primus - Suck On This..

Other notable albums that came out that year but i just wasn’t into yet..

Nirvana - Bleach

Now i know on paper this seems a bit all over the map but i can explain.  shit like Love and Rockets, the cure, Depeche Mode and Ne wOrder were all albums you listened to with girls or going to bed or something like that.  maybe you had a bad day and needed to get all emo or something.  

Thie hip hop, well this was an experimental phase for me.  we listened to a lot of it while driving on road trips to break up the punk rock.  it was fun back then to act like we were tough (cause the movie Colors came out a few years prior) and we were nothing close to tough.  besides it was just fun to sing along to and say shit like “Smoke motherfuckers like it ain’t no thang.”  never went to any hip hop concerts tho.  Beastie Boys / Run DMC that was it.  that was as “tough” as i was.  imagine if i thought the “Pit” at a punk rock show was a real hole int he ground imagine what i thought a NWA concert looked like.  

and the Punk rock served as a soundtrack to my skateboard youth.  you listened to it everywhere.  skateboarding, going skateboarding, skateboard road trips, skateboard videos… you get the picture right?  

If anyone has shirts they want to sell me for any of the bands listed above that i don’t have please let em know.  i would love nothing more than a DOC shirt from ‘89

Anyone else wanna chime in about their albums they were jamming to in 1989 or if you weren’t born yet albums that you loved that came out in 1989?

Day: 854
Shirt: the Offspring - Self Titled Alien Album
Color:  Black
Brand: Tultex Cotton
Source: I know a lot of you will probably laugh at this and not give it a second thought.  but this Offspring record was fucking good.  it was about 5 years before Smash came out and along with Rancid  and Green day started the beginning of th eEnd for Punk Ruck underground.  soon everyone would know Gilmans greatest secrets, Warp Tour would become a gross music staple and your mom would want to listen to that Green day song and sing along.

BUT in 1989 the Offspring were a bit more raw and defintly had a unique sound that gravitated you towards them.  the production was super raw, trebly, loud and fast.  much like any good punk record sounded at the time.  

It makes me laugh when you look back at times.  here buy a shirt ill tell you what color is it maybe some ink, but that is all i will give you for $8  you love the band right, so you don’t give a shit.  you will take what you can get.  yeah ill order your 7” that is probably out of print already , but you have my money now so send me anything….yeah those were the days.  

So this record i believe was limited to 5K copies.  i had one. i loved it. i even recorded it on to CD at one point in case anything happened to it. they ended up releasing the record and cutting the last track “Kill the President” cause ohhhh it was too controversial.  come the fuck on…that was some major label pressure bullshit right there.  especially with G Bush in office.  luckily for me i still have my CD version with the real recording and real track listing.  you can listen to this remastered bastard version

Day: 853
Shirt: the Cure - The Kissing Tour US/Canada 1987
Color:  White
Brand: Handtex
Source: You know this album is the shit.

You know this tour was the shit.

Saying anything more that that would be futile.  

Day: 827
Shirt: Sub Pop - I Love Payola
Color:  white
Brand: Oneita Power T
Source: Who doesn’t  really.   Payola even sounds fun.  it sounds like winning the lottery, and in an old school way it might have been, depending on how poor you were.  

I am very fond of this label.  I have known people and worked with in some way or another with them since 1998 and not once have a ever encountered an employee there who is a dick.  people hardly ever quit, they always either just got promoted or moved on to other passions in their life and that really speaks bundles for the label.  I’m sure they aren’t giving away cars to keep employees there but they do dish out plenty of self respect.  which to me is job requirement #1 when looking.  i don’t wanna ask someone to do a job that i wouldn’t do myself.  i wanna be proud of the artists i work with, even if i am not a fan of the music per-say but i want to respect them as artists at least.  I want to be in great company with other people i work with, and i want to be just as inspired by each one of them as i am in the company as a whole.  

Not to mention that Mark Arm from Mudhoney is the shipping Manager there so every piece of mail from Sub Pop comes shipped with his name on it.  

that sounds like it impossible and it doesn’t exist, but Sub Pop is proof.  Great people doing a great job with great artists all doing things they love with people they respect.   thanks for being a really fucking great label for 25 years.  you guys rule.  

Im almost oging to go as far as saying that if you have ever met a dick there you yourself are probably a bigger dick that you think.  

Day: 826
Shirt: the Smiths - Queen 
Color:  white
Brand: [blank washed out]
Source: So part of what i love about doing this blog is Archiving.  there is that stupid nerd in me that wants to find out everything he can about a subject i love.  there is that small part of me that knows someone will come to my site and be able to discover something interesting about a shirt they love and then share it with the rest of the world.  

I met this wonderful lady yesterday who was the previous owner of this shirt. she was not only able to tell me what city she saw this show at but what venue and the fact that she slept over night to get in cause ti was general admission.  On Top of that she was also able to tell me she only washed all her shirts and hung dried them so they are in immaculate shape.  she had kept them stored in tubs in her garage for decades.  it really was the kind of find that most people who are hunters/ hoarders would consider a goldmine.  the kind where you have to contain your excitement so you don’t give away your hand and get fleeced by a greedy seller.  

Fortunately for me this was not the case. this woman had so many memories attached to everyone of these shirts i almost felt bad relieving her of them, don’t get me wrong i did, but i felt bad.  But i did feel better knowing that if i was selling off my collection of something i loved and someone came over who appreciated them more than me and respected their existence in this world i would feel a whole hell of a lot better.  

That part of me surfaces a lot.  anyone of my friends who know me, know it sometimes is hard to walk away form my house with out some gifts in your hand.  I am a hoarder kind of, but when i see someone with far more passion and appreciation for something that i own i figure it needs to be theirs.  it wasn’t meant to be with me.  I am a firm believer in that.  

This woman loved this Smiths shirt, as she should its magical.  She did not know what the Smiths mean to me, but part of her could tell.  She knew that if she was going to let this shirt get away form her it was going to be in a better place.  

With that said i am thankful, appreciative and stoked to meet fellow nerds and talk about or times.  there really is no replacement for the one on one haggle battle that ends in you went to this show? and then talking for 30 mins about it.  

Last point.  what is Smithdom I’ve never seen it before?

Day: 822
Shirt: Dillinger Four - Music Is None Of My Business
Color:  Grey
Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton
Source: you gotta love a band who still rocks and Angelfire website and owns the fact that they do.   

I think i saw D4 in Vegas for the first time…it was at maybe the 2nd Punk Rock Bowling event thing in Vegas.  Back when the Bowling Part was the draw and if you were lucky there was 1-2 shows to go see after the bowling.  99?  or 2000 but i am pretty sure it was 99.  but I’m rambling. 

My point being is that there was a night show (1), and there was all this buzz about this band from Minneapolis who were punk as fuck and a new coming of Black Flag sort of thing.  and the singer was crazy.  if memory serves i think the Singer even had a giant D4 tattoo on his chest or back but it was giant.  and when he took his shirt off it made the whole crowd laugh.  either way it was a great show and i walked away in one of those rare moments where you were immediately sold and became a fan.  

Day: 820
Shirt: Descendents - Wearing Out Our Welcome At the Whiskey 1996
Color:  White
Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton
Source: Talk about an epic come out of retirement show.  7 Nights at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood.  Oh Wait that wasn’t good enough for you..?  How bout lets ass on the best opening bands you can think of:

Day 1: Blink 182 & Mustard Plug 

Day 2: Lagwagon & Millencolin (no big deal)

Day 3: Strung Out & Bracket 

Day 4: AFI & Sensefield (whatever)

Day 5: Down By Law & Vida

Day 6: No Use For A Name & Jughead’s Revenge (Suck It)

Day 7: god rested and Descendents played all themselves.

In the immortal words of Will Ferrell in Old School…”That’s How You Debate!!!.”  In other words, THATS how you make a come back.  like you never fucking left at all.