Day: 946
Shirt: Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate North American Tour 1994
Color:  Black
Brand: Fruit Of the Loom
Source:  So much i hate to say about this record.  I’m sure ill get half way and get bored of hearing my self think and tune out but we will see.  

The Last Epitaph album before they sign to Atlantic and release Stranger Than Fiction.  the first Bad Religion album i assume to have..what… Slide Guitar?  thats not punk, right?  yeah they did it.  maybe the punk ness was putting slide guitar in and not giving a fuck what you or I thought.  thats punk.  Shit i just looked if i would have held out till June i would shave hit the 20 year anniversary for this.  Oh well i’m not that good of a planner i guess, at least when it comes to what shirt I’m going to wear 5 months from now.  

I totally have vivid memories of this record coming out, i don’t know why, but i do.  i remember it getting kind of shitty reviews but i was really into this record. i still think it holds up today.  American Jesus, Kerosine and Recipe For Hate are undeniable songs for sure.  I think i really enjoyed that they showed some growth,  part of me really enjoys when a band grows maybe cause i feel like i am growing with them.  when i say feels like i am really only fooling myself tho.  

I think part of the reason i remember this album so much is cause i feel like punk rock was really peaking right around this time.  or re-peaking, or peeking again depending on your perspective.  I mean just a few months prior Epitaph released Pennywises' Unknown Road, NOFX released Punk In Drublic, Dookie came out and was blowing up.  24hr Revenge Therapy was fucking my life up in a big way.  Guttermouth came out this year and come to think of it so did Face To Face Big Choice.  man i feel like i was balls deep in west coat punk rock  in this era…i mean who am i kidding i was for sure, but damn it seems like yesterday.  it always seems like the 4 eras are awesome.  1984 was a great year in music, 1994 was for sure.  2004 was as well.  maybe every decade people get sick of hearing and doing the same old shit and decide to step up their game.  Dam here’s to 2014 and music and lets hope it can live up to the legacy!  see what i mean?  i get to this point and i started out listening to Recipe for Hate and i have gone to Pennywise, Jawbreaker and now Fugazi.  fuggin shit i miss that band.  

Recipe For Hate 1994 by Minor Thread on Grooveshark

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