Day: 890
Shirt: Depeche Mode - Black Celebration Tour
Color:  White
Brand: generic
Source: when i first heard this album it was literally the first time i had ever heard a CD being played.  a very vivid moment for me.  my friend had tho slack boom box with a CD player on top.  if you nudged it it would skip so easily so you had to be super still.  but i remember the sound really just blowing my mind. I had of course heard songs form Depeche Mode up until this point but i had never heard a whole album all the way through.  

Side note its so weird to think that some of you will never be able to think about not hearing CD quality music or only watching VHS instead of DVD or Blu Ray for that matter.  

Listeneing to this CD and the other CD my friend owned Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bullocks really changed my life that year.  that year i discovered CDs. Sex Pistols, Skatebaording and Depeche Mode.  to say it formed my future that year is an understatement.  

think about this year when you are out giving people dumb christmas gifts they don’t want or need.  find some kid who is just discovering who he or she is and buy them one of your most influential albums of you life.  be that one spark that it takes to ignite a persons future.  trust me no  one is benefiting from and not another box of candy or a lousy sweater.  

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