Day: 887
Shirt: INXS - Kick Off Tour America 1988
Color:  White
Brand: Generic
Source: forgot to post yesterdays pics.  INXS..right before they blow the fuck up and get huge.  all that touring of th eUS pays off, they get a huuuge radio hit and become giants.  this will be the last INXS  album i will be able to appreciate though, cause much like My Morning Jacket this band will acquire the worst fans ever and i will not be able to  handle it.  evey time i someone get stoked on that one huge hit and ask for it to be played 5 times in a row cause they love it so much will just ruin the band for me. also th eband put a picture of a skateboard on their album cover which in most cases would be awesome for the time cuase only punk people did that..but they used one of the worst skatebaords around ..THE PSYCHO STICK

For those of you that don’t know the Psycho stick was pretty much for kids and posers.  no one who was serious about skateboarding rode one for real, it just looked to corny.  so they used that, it was wack.  then the dude standing on the board can barely do it right with out looking like a total bafoon.  foot all sloppily coming off the front, the amerteurish use of a nose bone and a skid plate but no rails??  If you are gunna front and capitalize off of some youth culture sport at least hire a consultant so it dosen’t make you look like a dipshit.   know what i mean?  I shouldn’t be too harsh, we all know it ends shortly after this…and how it ended.  Sorry guys.

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