Day: 863
Shirt: Wizo - Uuaarrgh!
Color:  Mustard Yellow
Brand: Hanes Heavyweight 50/50
Source: I think everyone remembers their first time listening to a band and thinking to them selves this band is awesome, only to wait 45 seconds pause and then go are they sining in a different language?  Wizo was mine.  heard it on a comp and was thinking damn this band is rad, thinking i couldn’t make out the lyrics cause he was singing too fast.  NOPE  there German, singing in German.  no many bands can pull it off in america..and sadly i don’t think this is one of them  Americans don’t really have the tolerance like other countries do the latin population exempt.  but you get me point.  there have only been a handful in the world that i have really made it.  this most obvious one that come to mind is 99 Red Balloons.  of course i wouldn’t know what the fuck that song was if it weren’t for Kevin Seconds :)  but yeah..its tough.  Rammstein their is another..DU HAUS!! whatever that means….where am i going with this..abso-lutley no where.

I was psyched to find this shirt on ebay, i have never even seen a shirt for this band before so i snatched it up with authority cause j sang to me….in German of course.

Auf Wiedersehen

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