Day: 839
Shirt: Girl Skateboards - The Velvet Underground and Nico
Color:  White
Brand: Girl
Source: Days like today where we loose a legend that i get bummed that i don’t have a Velvet Undergound shirt. I wasn’t a druggie in the 70’s so why would i, and even if i did i would have sold it for junk at some point.  I will say that if i don’t have the Velvet Underground shirt this really is the next best thing in my opinion to having one.  any chance i have to combine skate roots with my music roots and i will jump on it.  

Lets be honest here.  Lou Reed really is a fucking icon, a champ and an amazing musician but i think we all know this man has skirted death long enough..much like him and Keith Richards they were both living on borrowed time.  they pushed the limits of the human body to their fullest it takes its toll.  Im happy to have had him around as long as he was…great fucking musician  and kinda like his body with drugs he pushed music to its fullest and got the most out of that as well.  

Don’t get me wrong i don’t mean to sound crass like i am not sad he is dead cause i am, they don’t make em’ like him anymore.  Alls i am saying is the man lived HARD.  he didn’t fuck around.  he rode the H train all the way to the end and back again.  he knows it, i am sure.  id just rather not be sad that he died as much as i would like to be happy that he lived at all.  i certainly won’t be saying this if Justin Beiber dies anytime soon.  i won’t be saying anything for that matter.  but Lou. … you shredded some music man.  you left a mark.  a giant mark and not a lot of people can die saying that.  people will remember your name for generations, and it will always bring smiles and good thoughts.  thats all we should tribe for in life, he did it.  so today lets listen to some of this mans jams and really appreciate what he did for everyone.  

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