Day: 826
Shirt: the Smiths - Queen 
Color:  white
Brand: [blank washed out]
Source: So part of what i love about doing this blog is Archiving.  there is that stupid nerd in me that wants to find out everything he can about a subject i love.  there is that small part of me that knows someone will come to my site and be able to discover something interesting about a shirt they love and then share it with the rest of the world.  

I met this wonderful lady yesterday who was the previous owner of this shirt. she was not only able to tell me what city she saw this show at but what venue and the fact that she slept over night to get in cause ti was general admission.  On Top of that she was also able to tell me she only washed all her shirts and hung dried them so they are in immaculate shape.  she had kept them stored in tubs in her garage for decades.  it really was the kind of find that most people who are hunters/ hoarders would consider a goldmine.  the kind where you have to contain your excitement so you don’t give away your hand and get fleeced by a greedy seller.  

Fortunately for me this was not the case. this woman had so many memories attached to everyone of these shirts i almost felt bad relieving her of them, don’t get me wrong i did, but i felt bad.  But i did feel better knowing that if i was selling off my collection of something i loved and someone came over who appreciated them more than me and respected their existence in this world i would feel a whole hell of a lot better.  

That part of me surfaces a lot.  anyone of my friends who know me, know it sometimes is hard to walk away form my house with out some gifts in your hand.  I am a hoarder kind of, but when i see someone with far more passion and appreciation for something that i own i figure it needs to be theirs.  it wasn’t meant to be with me.  I am a firm believer in that.  

This woman loved this Smiths shirt, as she should its magical.  She did not know what the Smiths mean to me, but part of her could tell.  She knew that if she was going to let this shirt get away form her it was going to be in a better place.  

With that said i am thankful, appreciative and stoked to meet fellow nerds and talk about or times.  there really is no replacement for the one on one haggle battle that ends in you went to this show? and then talking for 30 mins about it.  

Last point.  what is Smithdom I’ve never seen it before?

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