Day: 809
Shirt: R. Kelly - Double Up Tour 2007
Color:  Black
Brand: Allstyle Apparel
Source: Listening to this new Phoenix Remix by R. Kelly really impressed me.  Pretty amazing that he managed to re-deux this song and make it so great.  when i saw the song being released, my first thought was REALLY? c’mon phoenix.  but ill be damned if R. Kelly didn’t drop a mother fucking hammer on this song and make it even better.  So high five to you Mr. Kelly you recluse no plane flying mofo.

this shirt is from the double up tour in 2007 hot of the heels of the Trapped in the Closet Trillogy.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of R. Kelly and his music up to this point, and to be honest i still am not. No diss to R. Kelly, dude has some pipes and can write a great song.  perhaps if i was doing nothing but smoking cigars, wore nothing but velvet and sat in hot tubs with nude women all day long i would be more on the level with his music, but i am a white nerd who, dosent even own a pair of satin underwear.  just cotton.  What Trapped in the Closet made me realize is that i AM A FAN of R. Kelly the entertainer.  the superhuman guy who is like Kanye trapped in side his own head.  the difference between him and Kanye is he is a recluse and keeps out of the spotlight so you really don’t get to see how crazy he is until you watch one of his tour videos or see him live.  Seeing girls scream like R. Kelly is giving out the cure for cancer in the crotch of his pants is pretty amazing.  he casts a spell on ladies that is unprecedented.  maybe elvis?  but you get the point, and know what i mean if you have seen him live or watched one of his live videos.  

so entertain on R. Kelly i will keep watching.  


Trying To Be Cool (Remix feat. R. Kelly by Phoenix on Grooveshark

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