Day: 786
Shirt: Frank Black - FB
Color:  Black
Brand: Giant
Source: Long before there was Facebook, or the facebook for that matter there was only one FB.  Frank Black.  or Black Francis.  the singer of the Pixies whos solo records shredded equally as good if not even better than any Pixies album.  after the disbanding of the Pixies Frank was on fire writing some of the best music of his life.  The Self titled album and “Teenager Of The Year are fucking phenomenal albums that i doubt ever got the credit they deserved.  Case in point.  Teenager of the Year just celebrated its 20th anniversary in May and did anyone notice or care? nope.  Of course i am being dramatic.  I’m sure someone wrote a blog post about it on this vast sprawling internet we have at our finger tips, but like most people i only ingest that which comes into my eyesight, the others fall into a vast filing cabinet for me to discover sometime between now and my demise on this planet.  

My point being …if you loved the Pixies and didn’t listen and love these records you are doing yourself a giant injustice.  its like those people that love Descendents but don’t love ALL. I Don’t Get it.  Its like loving Punk Rock Music and saying you have never heard the sex pistols of the stooges.  

Perhaps music is much like the internet today and we only ingest what comes into our view.  especially with a much more diluted landscape than it was 10 years ago, let alone 20 it gets harder and harder to discover good new music.  

I feel like i’m ranting here..but to be honest if just one person who reads this listens to “Frank Black” or “Teenager of the Year” and says to him/herself fuck this is good how did i sleep on this i will be fucking stoked.  you post a blog to 30K people and get stoked if one person responds it seems rather grim.  now imagine how your 10th grade science teacher feels when one kid comes up to him in class and says “Chemistry rules! I wanna be a scientist for sure!”  I guess it only takes one right?  it doesn’t hurt if said kid also fronts a band called Descendents either.  some of you know what I’m talking about. 

Speaking of the Pixies they have a new 4 song EP out that is all Ltd. Ed and shit so if you haven’t jumped on it yet you can here.

Also fun fact.  Frank Black is from Calabasas, CA … Interesting



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