Day: 751
Shirt: No Use for A Name - Making Friends The Canadian Way!
Color:  Heather Grey
Brand: Tultex
Source: Unfortunately todays post is a Memorial for a guy who shouldn’t have gone so early, Tony Sly.  NUFAN was a big deal to me growing up and was for a lot of people i would say.  its a bummer to see anyone being taken away form thier friends, family and passion of music at the blink of an eye.  one day you see him on tour with NOFX, the next you realize that was the last time you will ever hear him sing another note ever again.  bummer really.  

All i can say to this is at least i got to hear him sing, i got to see him play and i was for lack of a better term part of his life and his passion. so instead of mourning his death i like to celebrate what his life meant.  he wrote great songs and great guitar riffs. 

Thanks for everything Tony!


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