Day: 738
Shirt: Face To Face - Over It Tour ‘94
Color:  Maroon
Brand: Hanes Heavyweight
Source: One, Two , one two Three Four… thats what goes though my head every time i think of Face To Face.  weird right?  they in my mind totally own the count out.  this era of Face to Face is the best Big Choice / Over It was my shit.  Over It however seems to be held up in digital major label limbo.  what kind of shit is that.  get it together people, its a fucking good EP and has some great versions of older songs.  if you have never heard it go dig and download it now.  WAIT i jsut looked and FtF has it avalible on thier site and its CHEAP too $3.99  it looks something like this: ( TO BUY AT STORE)

OR Listen To It Here:—ep

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