Day: 730
Shirt: Björk - Debut
Color: Tan
Brand: Anvil
Source: In the middle 90’s i started to wander a bit from my punk rock roots.  i was getting a little mored with the same ol’ punk rock record and i didn’t feel like anyone was doing anything great or worthwhile.  or at least that statement is true for the most part, the musical landscape was changing and grunge and rap rock were popular.  since i never listened to the radio much i only gravitated towards a few radio rock type bands outside my comfort zone.  one was Smashing Pumpkins, the other Björk.  I really got into everything she did, and it kind of opened me up more to listening to electronic music.  her singles were great tat led me into listening to bands like Underworld, Photek, Alec Empire, Fluke, Goldie, Master At Work and so many more.  I really do have a lot of appreciation for what she did for the musical landscape.  she stayed true to herself, was creative and evolved a lot.  

I think it is pretty rare these days when bands can open up worlds like that.  Hip hop does it really well.  but i don’t see it as much in rock.  Perhaps it can be said for Daft Punk, i dunno.  chime in here if you want?

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  4. michellehart99 said: Love Bjork too. In response to your comment about rock- I think that rock is a broad genre with deep influence, and perpetually opens doors. Best experienced live these days. Perhaps it’s the production and marketing of *rock* that is ripe for change.
  5. dude-gimme-a-beat answered: For elctronic stuff I like Suicide, Think Tree, Fripps’ Crafty Guitars, Kraftwerk, Miles Davis “Agharta, & Spectrum
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  7. merchanddestroy answered: rock is dead its sad but true….
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