Day: 723
Shirt: Fucked Up - Give Dust To Life Give Life To Dust
Color: Black
Brand: Jerzees
Source: my wife said she didn’t know about this shirt. said it looked kinda weird.  then she went and posted this photo on her blog today of this photo she shot.  

Im pretty sure this is way more weird than Damian Abraham.  but hey you be the judge.  

But as George and Jerry would say… Not That There’s Anythign wrong with that.

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  1. animalmanufacturing said: That shirt is totally weird.
  2. merchanddestroy said: I got this from their show in North Hollywood in 2007 I think, I then gave it to our tour manager when we were in Japan, i couldnt pull it off
  3. michellehart99 said: Agreed. Your wife’s opinion.
  4. theminorthread posted this

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