Day: 707

Shirt: the Whitest Boy Alive - Asia Tour 2011
Color: White

Brand: Solitary Arts T

Source: i am gearing up to go back to Japan next week.  So when i woke up this shirt was poking me in the eye.  Very excited to be returning.  Something about going there doesn’t seem like work, or vacation it just seems very relaxed and serene.  kind of like the Whitest Boy Alive now that i think of it.  they make a good pair.  

Those of you that don’t know who the whitest Boy alive are its the brainchild of Erland Øye a founding member of the Kings Of Convenience.  its a very mellow synthy record that is almost a dancy version of KOC.

and if you wanna read more on the artist you can see this post here that talks more about Geoff McFetridge  His artwork is amazing, and the best thing about it is he keeps evolving and becoming better and better.  if you are not growing you are dying..right?

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