Day: 667

Shirt: Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary

Color: White (Ringer)

Brand: Anvil

Sourcethe exact opposite of 666 today.  667 brings you a very emo game changing record for a lot of people my self included.  PS hats off to whomever signed this band to Sub Pop.  you really had to have some trust to get this signed in an era when Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were ruling the airwaves. Damn this record is 19 years old tomorrow!  so crazy to think about. this Jawbreaker, Weezer, and Blink-182 (but called Blink back then) Cheshire Cat was on heavy rotation.  See this is the one thing i love about this blog.  as i sit here and listen to Diary i can think back about how much i used to (and still do) love music.  I hope i look back on 2014 with the same admiration as i can 1994. 

I guess things never seem as awesome as they are when they are happening, but when you look back on them and think i can’t believe all these epic bands gads record s out then, and i went to see most of them.  I mean fucking Divine Intervention came out in 1994, nuff said.  

See this is why i love music so much, and also is the reason i dislike working in the music industry so much as well.  I think people go into the industry because of a love for music but then get so caught up in the politics and garbage of it all they forget how much music meant to them.  you never get time to reflect and appreciate in that industry, its always on to the next one, on to the next one to quote Jay-Z who i am sure is guilty of the same thing.  If any of you are reading this work in music, take a step back today and give your self an hour or two on your drive home and appreciate something you love, not because you have to , but because you want to.  

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