Day: 666

Shirt: Mercyful Fate - Melissa Tour ‘83

Color: Heather Grey

Brand: Gilden

SourceSo today is day #666  the number of the beast.  kinda anti-climactic if you ask me.  I was going to wear the slayer shirt i wore earlier this week but for obvious reasons i moved it up.  Mercyful fate is no pansy substitute at all but it is a reproduction cause like i said on my Instagram earlier today where someone said “Is This Real” My response was simple.  I wish at age 10 i was cool enough to be cruising at Mercyful Fate shows!  I am almost positive if i was that 10 year old kid i would not be alive today.  

So like i said this was going to be a my Slayer shirt but the beast took Jeff away a few days too early.  Imagine if Jeff would have died on day #666?  that would shave been some spooky shit.  and no blog should wield that much power.  never.  

The Funny thing about the number of the beast.  its kinda like 7 being a lucky number and 13 being unlucky.  i don’t believe in either.  I don’t believe in heaven and hell.  but i love metal music.  and so the #666 has just been funny to me, like i think it is to most people.  like ooohhh!!!  your sandwich cost $6.66 your going to choke on it and die.  no one ever dies.  its shut something neat to take a picture of and show your friends about how you cheated death today.  you have a new lease on life.  so make it count.  

Watch now that i typed all this bullshit i’m going to die somehow tonight and ill be eating my words for all eternity in hell, right?  


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