Day: 665

Shirt: Testament - Practice What You Preach

Color: Black

Brand: no tag

Source: Testament is a funny find for me.  I think someone left a tablature book at my house once.  I looked at it and just thought fuck this…who the hell plays like this?  So then I went and picked up a copy of the cassette and started listening to it.  I really got into it surprisingly especially since most of the music I listened to was punk.  Maybe Pennywise was the fastest at the time.  Well I guess Metallica was…And Slayer.  Ok, its clear I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about, cause that was 20 years ago.  But for some reason in my mind this was some of the fastest music I had.  And it sticks out in my head very vividly as such. 

Maybe I bought an album or two after this record but for the most part I kinda fell off.  Until a few years ago when the singer somehow beat cancer and put out this record called “the Formation of Damnation.”  For some reason this record stuck to me like glue and I listened to it over and over.  I mean I know why It stuck to me, cause it was a fuckin’ great record that was recorded really well and sounded amazing.  I saw them live on that tour for the first time ever opening up for Megadeath on one of the tours where they played a record in full, but Testament blew them away I think. 

Anyways this shirt was up on eBay and this album always gave me a great memory of that tablature book and how you can really discover music anywhere at anytime.  So I will continue to wear the shit out of it for the next 20 years and who knows.  Maybe some day some kid will stare at it and think why is that old guy rocking an even older Testament shirt and go listen for himself. 

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