Day: 635

Shirt: Rocket From The Crypt - Dean Reis Design

Color: Previously Black, Now Grey

Brand: Airak

Source: Todays shirt a tribute to one of the best bands in Rock N Roll History of the 90’s.  Rocket From the Fucking Crypt!  No Other band shredded like this band did live. in their day.  they were unique, had horns, tore it up.  it was hard and fun at the same time.  

RFTC also put out one of the 90’s best records ever.  Circa Now!  if you have never listened to this record in its entirety, drop it on whatever you listen to on a mobile device, and go for a long walk, drive , or bike ride, (or if you are Takashi, a simple train ride to work) and let it hit you.  it may not come  right away, it may take 2-3 listened, but at some point it will click.  you will jsut think to yourself.  fuck…this happens once in your life if you are LUCKY.  its a phenomenal record from start to finish.  well thought out, well produced..ahhh  i sets a bar.  

As some of you know they have recently re-united and are playing some shows this year, and if you never got to see them before, do your self a favor and go see them this time.  

As I write this i am listening to Circa Now and its the kind of record that when Ditch Digger comes on it instinctively sends chills down my arms.  those of you that are fans of this record will understand what i mean, those who are not will soon.  

Not enough nice things can be said about this record… and the person who gave this shirt up on eBay will surely regret his or her decision in the future i promise that.  

Ami Right or Am I Right?

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