Day: 632

Shirt: Sub Pop - 20th Anniversary Show

Color: Grey

Brand: American Apparel

Source: SO Yesterday was Sub Pop’s 25th anniversary.  Seems like 20 was just a few months ago.  but here it is again.  I really want to take some time out to celebrate a label that did it their way.  Didn’t let others push or bully them around.  did what they thought was right good or bad.  owned the bad, celebrated the good.  you don’t see many labels like that still in existence today.  or ever for that matter.  

Amazing bands through the years to be thankful for.. aw shucks i just wanna say Happy  Birthday guys and thank you .  

remember this ad i put in Spin 5 years ago?  prolly not so here it is.

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    Sub Pop 20th Anniversary shirt on The Minor Thread. Look for the 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee shirt this summer!
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