Day: 619

Shirt: Down By Law - Hat Guy

Color: Black

Brand: Alstyle Apparel

Source: i have talked about this band many times before.  you can read about all of them here.  I love this band, to me it was sort of a supergroup, but a lil bit more obscure.  I mean i was a big fan of the Chemical People AND Clawhammer, AND Dave Smalley (ALL/Dag Nasty).  SO when this lineup was announced, or back then you found out about it, i was so stoked. couldnt be happier.  

this shirt was from the Nazworthy secret stash that he seems to uncover now and then.  i had always seen this shirt in a long sleeve but never a short sleeve one. so when he gave this to me i was floored in two ways.  one that is was brand new dead stock, and two cause it was aversion i had never seen before.  it sucks having a long sleeve version of a shirt you can rarely wear cause you live in CA and it barely warrants it.  this was really a great discovery.  i guess i could have cut the sleeves off my long sleeve version but that is blasphemy.  noting worse than seeing some epic black flag shirt on ebay you have never seen before then click on the pics to see it has no sleeves.  such a bum out.  

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