Day: 601

Shirt: Morrissey - Oh Manchester So Much To Answer For

Color: White

Brand: Gilden Softstyle

Source: yeah i went to the Morrissey show last night at Hollywood High.  yeah it was pretty fucking good.  solid set list, good energy, great crowd and awesome venue.  pretty much all you could ask for.  no complaints here.  I’m just glad it wasn’t a let down show.  it really delivered and i was really happy for that.  if that was the last Morrissey show i ever went to i would be ok with it.  

side note dude has been working out..  dang.  i hope i look that ripped when i 60.

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  3. merchanddestroy said: I used to love him till I moved to the west coast now I hate him….. His fans are the worst If I ever move back to la and get this job with gv ill put you on the list for all his shows
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