Day: 598

Shirt: Danzig - Il Demonio Nera / Blackest Of the Black Tour 2005

Color: Black

Brand: [torn out]

Source: If there is one thing in this world you can count on..its not counting on people.  

Danzig would be highest on my list of things never to count on.  right up there with counting on Morrissey to play Kimmel.  

Danzig on this “Blackest of Black” tour brought back Doyle to play with him and some sort of Misfits type reunion, but not really.  i went to this show out of there bout a shirt then when in to see the show and for some reason it just seemed to fall flat.  maybe it was the too big of venue, or the crowd that attends the show.  i know for certain part of it was a horrible sounding soundsystem/soundguy it hit me like a ton a bricks..

I honestly dont know what i am complaining about here to be honest the show wasn’t that bad, i think i just had higher expectations for it than perhaps Danzig did at the time.  this era seemed to be a lower point for him in some ways.  records were not selling tours not doing so good, and frankly his music was not the caliber that it can be.  it really wasn’t until round 2010 where he kicked it back into gear and started making really good songs again.  

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