Day: 571

ShirtPropagandhi - I’d Rather Be Flag Burning

Color: Heather Grey

Brand: [Tag Missing]

Source: As far as i know this recording is still missing from the internet archives.  the split w/ I-Spy.  i even remember it having an entirely different ending to one song.  maybe i am wrong..yep.  it all came out on Propagandhi’s “Where Quality is Job #1” album which appreas to be a compalation album of b-sides etc.  stupid me.  but god news is, i now know this exists and i can listen to it again :)

This t-shirt reminds me of good old times.  times when i was friends with this girl in this photo Rachel.  I used to own a full blown Star wars arcade game.  i think i paid $200 for it what i deal.  perfect condition.  Then one day when i was moving in Oregon it fell out of the back of the truck.  BAM.  smashed right on the ground into pieces.  particle board is aptly names for a reason.  turned to particles.  so sad.  I miss you both Rachel and Star Wars game.  Jokes on you though cause i still have the shirt from this picture!! and this picture itself.  oh shit and in the back ground i can still see my Kool-Aid Pitcher i saved up a ton of points for..i don’t have that either.  so i miss you too.  


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