Day #166 the Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come

Day: 166

Shirt: the Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come

Color: White

Brand: Tag Missing

Source: This hands down is my favorite Smiths record.  I know it is the record that broke the band up, or so they say, but to me i may be biased.  I will try to paint  a picture for you.  When i was a Jr. in high school, i got my very first car it was a 1970 VW Fastback, Oxidized orange with a white racing stripe along the bottom.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was mine and i loved it.  

It had a tape player in side and a decent stereo.  Nothing that would go boom, or anything but it did the trick.  After say day 3 of having this car i put in my Strangeways cassette in and i felt like i had a newfound freedom that i never felt before.  trips to the gas station to fill up on REGULAR gas, not unleaded for 97 cents a gallon.  Trips to the store to get one item, drive over to friends houses just to see if they are home.  load of the car with my friends and go hit the local church for a thursday night session i had it all.  All except power windows, air conditioning, and that kind of thing but i made due.  I had a stereo that played cassettes and that was all that mattered to me. 

So after a good 3 days straight of driving around Sacramento with the Strangeways as my soundtrack i thought it was time too move on, to something else, maybe it was Music for The Masses or Misfits at that time, some dark shit :).  this 1970 VW Fastback had its own opinion of what i should listen to and refused to eject my tape.  Screwdrivers and paperclips were of no use, it wasn’t going to budge.  In lieu of damaging the stereo and having no music at all i decided to hang with Strangeways for the next year or so.  everywhere i went, it was Girlfriend in a Coma, Stop Me, was engrained in my brain.  I didn’t care though.  Imagine that today, there isn’t much i could get stuck in my player without taking a crowbar to it and smashing it before i went crazy.  but Strangeways could play and play and play and i would never think twice about it.

I think i ended up selling the car tape included to a friend of mine and that was that. Still to this day i can listen to that album and it brings me nothing but good memories.  and every time i get into an old car that smells of gas, oil and weird fiber seats it time warps me back to when i was 17 again instantly.  That car and that album were good to me.

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