Day: 120

Shirt: ALL - Allroy Face

Color: Yellow

Brand: Gilden

Source:  Enough about the bad part of Fun Fun Fun Fest…lets focus on the good parts, which there many of!  For One the entire lineup is great, Grahm the promoter does a great job of booking an amazing festival that is not chalked up with Hype bands or major label garbage.  it is really a finely curated show (in my opinion) that never seems to let down.  and this is coming form a guy that is notoriously angry at festivals and despise them in a massive way.  I will go to FYF and Fun Fun Fun and that is about tit.  they are the sonly festivals that don’t feel like festivals as mush as they do shows that are fun.

So we went out at night after each show, they have other shows at night, which is great cause the festival ends at about 10.  so it works out nicely.  one night we went out and it was a bizzare night for me that included me arm Wrestling Ryan Gosling (see pic at bottom) and then me going to the corner bar to see if it was really true that Scott Reynolds of ALL worked there.

Soon as i walked in Scott was there, noticed my ALL sweatshirt and asked me if i got it at Chicago show.  I was super nervous.  Mind you I have put on shows with the Cure, Neil Diamond, and Slayer, and i think this was the most nervous i had been in a many years.  this guy was the singer of the land that i followed around for years seeing.  i can’t tell you how many times this guy has grabbed my head and shoved a mic in my mouth and let me sing, only to smile after and say “Pretty Good!!”

Long Story short, Scott was cooler than fuck.  he bough me a drink and let me take a pic with him (See below) and couldn’t have been a nicer dude.  i want to mail him a thank you gift or something..i dunno, i feel like i owe him so much.  but maybe me coming in and saying how much he meant to me was worth it to him, i dunno.  maybe somehow he reads this…who knows.  but as much as Descendents are literally my fav band in the world, it is weird that Scott will always be my favorite singer.  thanks Man.

Me & Gos

Me & Gos

Me & Scott!!!

Me & Scott! (Way Cooler)

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